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1989 Organization formed by Nancy Brazinski & Bob Swortzel.   First tournament team to Michigan First winter program. 51 members by end of the year

1990 Steering committee appointed. Bylaws drafted First Spring Breakfast First weekend retreat at Front Royal 4H Center.  "A" and "B" tournament teams went to MI and PA.   First annual meeting and election of officers 82 members

1991 First Sr. Olympic team (55+) won gold at Syracuse "A" team and won all 3 tournaments entered.   "B" team became "Mint Condition".   Pinnies' purchased to differentiate league teams.  Bylaws adopted at annual meeting. 95 members

1992 Rules and Regs adopted by the board Five league teams. "A" team finally beaten at end of season.  116 members

1993 One and only Sr. Oly team (55+) took silver at Baton Rouge.  109 members

1994 Sr. Softball World Series has first women's division.  Golden Girls take second place.  Golden Girls celebrate 5th anniversary 120 members

1995 GG logo design contest won by Stacy Colby.  First GG member honored at Fx. Sr. Recognition Luncheon (Hazel Parker). First Sr. Oly yard sale made $800.   55's and 60's won silver and gold in Sr. Oly at San Antonio.   Tournament team wins World Series 117 members

1996 Second Sr. Olympic yard sale made $1600.  153 member

1997 First Karat Patch Team.  First colored shirts for league play.  First annual league tournament.   Third (and last) Sr. Oly yard sale made $2300 !! 50's, gold; 55's, fourth; 60's, fourth; 65's, silver in SO at Tuscon.   Tournament team wins World Series.  165 members

1998 50's and 60's tournament teams keep reeling in wins.   Affiliate category added w. 10 women. 172 members.

1999 Golden Girls celebrate 10th anniversary At World Series  50s took second, 55s third place.   At Senior Olympics, 50s bronze, 55s 4th, 60s silver, 65s silver 168 members, 13 affiliates

2000 Pat Blackmon 1st woman inducted into Natl Sr. Softball Hall of Fame.   GG All Star Players band debuted at annual breakfast .  At the World Series, 50's placed 3rd, 55's tied for 5th. 163 members, 10 affiliates

2001 web site initiated.  At the Baton Rouge Sr. Olympics: 55's, 4th place; 60's, silver; 65's, 4th.   Fancy GG jackets make the scene. 158members, 12 affiliates

2002 70's Sr. Olympic team is formed 168 members, 13 affiliates

2003 GGSHARE, internal web site was initiated .  At the VA Beach Sr. Olympics: 55's, bronze; 60's, gold; 70's, silver Membership survey conducted; 50% responded.   45/50s won USSSA, WSSA and ISSA championships: Big Year! 180 members, 20 affiliates

2004 Fifteenth anniversary!! First "Fun Day" 70's team played in its first tournament in Arkansas.  167 members, 16 affiliates

2005 Tournament teams sweep SPA at Charleston, SC. Four firsts!   70's team won a gold at Pittsburgh Sr. Oly, 60's silver, 65's bronze.   "ggsoftball" under Yahoo became the group e-mail facility.    191 members, 21 affiliates

2006 60's stormed Ft. Myers tourney, winning all 6 games.   Karat Patch discontinued.   152 members, 25 affiliates

2007 65's win gold in Sr. Oly at Louisville. 174 members, 23 affiliates

2008 70's win first place at Huntsman Games.   169 members, 25 affiliates

2009 Golden Girls Celebrated 20th Anniversary.   First invitational tournament sponsored by GGs.   163 members, 28 affiliates

2010 Brenda "Batch" Batchelor inducted into National Senior Softball Hall of Fame. First All Star Game held in August.  First Golden Girls vs Golden Boys Game held in October. 173 members, 28 affiliates

2011 Helen Boyd inducted into National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.   70s take first in "World Championship" in Phoenix.  Nearly entire fall season league schedule rained out!  Teams participated in Houston Senior Olympics.  172 members, 28 affiliates

2012 Yard Sale for GG tournament – netted over $1500.   Second invitational tourny sponsored by GG.   Beth Hersey inducted into WMSPS Hall of Fame.   160 members, 27 affiliates

2013 Marilyn Mallery inducted into WMSPS Hall of Fame.   50s, 60s, 65s, and 70s participated in National Senior Games (Senior Olympics) in Cleveland.   Hugely successful Fun Day to kick off Fall Season.   166 members, 26 affiliates

2014 Record year for new members.  5 travelling tournament teams (50,60,65,70,75).  Unusual number of league games cancelled due to weather.   Lori Grimm inducted into WMSPS Hall of Fame.  164 members, 26 affiliates

2015 Linda "Baz" Baziluik inducted into WMSPS Hall of Fame.   Record rainout of games. At  Minneapolis Senior Olympics, 65s bronze, 70s gold, 75s silver.  188 members - all categories

2016: Katy Page inducted into WMSPS Hall of Fame.  Only 3 tournament teams (50,70,75) 174 Members - all categories.  

2017:  Very high number of league rainouts (almost whole month of May).  Senior Olympics held in Birmingham, Alabama.  

65s took Silver,  70s took Silver,  75s took 4th.   174 Members - all categories.

2018:    Another very wet season for the league. League was able to  use lighted fields (Southside Side 1) for first time  which allowed  Wednesday games to be played concurrently.   50s, 70s, 75s qualified for 2019 Olympics.  167 member - all categories. 

2019:  Weather cooperated - very few cancelled games.    175 members - all categories -record number (18) of new league players.


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