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These women had the vision to pull together the first Golden Girls Senior Women's softball team in 1989 laying the foundation of our organization.  

We owe them our everlasting gratitude for their foresight and determination to make Golden Girls the oldest continuously operating senior women's softball organization in the world.

  * denotes deceased

Rosemarie "RB" Barber

Linda "Baz" Baziluik

Patricia "Pat" Blackmon *

Marilyn Carney

Nancy Brazinski

Betty de la Cruz

Lani Etherton *

Arlene Gagnon*

Mary Lou Garvie *

Helen Goetzke

Edith "Edie" Goeller

Elaine Gunther *

Elsbeth "Beth" Hersey

Janet Hull *

Elaine Joy*

Margaret Keys

Phyllis Kozan

Janis Lewis

Patricia "Patty" Morgan* 

Donna "olddeepee" Packard

Katy Page

Beverly "Bev" Raudenbush

Rita  Ritter

Janet Weeks

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