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2023 Elected Officers


President:  Marie Snyder

Vice President:  Kathy Hurley

Treasurer: Barbara Jacobik

Financial Secretary:  Ann Dyson

Recording Secretary:  Kristin Haynes

Corresponding Secretary:  Dorcy Wilkins

Member-at-large:  Anne Nelson

Member-at-large:  Marie Edwartoski

Member-at-large:  Colleen Cornwell 

Immediate Past President:  Peg Moyer


2023 Committee Chairs

Membership & Directory:  Marilyn Mallery

Planning & Operations:  Kathy Hurley

Equipment:  Laura Carver

Publicity & Comm. Relations:  Kristin Haynes
Social/Special Activities:   
Leigh Adair/

Wanda Robinson/Diane Smith 
nternal Audit:  Anne Whatley
Rules & Regs:  Marie Snyder

Nominating:  Janet Weeks

Newsletter:  Marilyn Mallery

Historian:  Claudia Cason


Archives - Page is password protected for use by the BOD Members only. 
You will be asked for the password after you click.

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